Time To Expand Or Contract


Have you lost hope?

Uncertainty is undermining the long-running bull market on Wall Street.

Some will contract while others will expand.

What will you do?

Is this the right time to expand? Will you explore new ventures, raise capital, or take over a competitor?

Some investors are aggressively seeking opportunities while others are hiding cash in the backyard.

I have some asking me about the state of raising capital and expanding in the next 6 months.

My response is this:

Investing does not stop.

Opportunity does not disappear.

Fortunes will be made and HNW investors are seeking great opportunities when the masses are retreating.

The winners and losers will be determined by those make choices with confidence and follow it up with determined execution.

Those with a lack of confidence and the unwillingness to pivot will hesitate for the right time. Their execution sits on the sideline waiting to be put in the game.

When the new normal arrives, many will rush back to the market to find the winners have gained market share and seized many opportunities.

Those seeking capital will find many investors are have been secured by those who were raising capital when very few were willing to execute and offer them options.

There are opportunities and investors in every market.

Don’t hesitate or wait for the perfect timing.

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