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“There is no reason to let attorneys fool you. Sure, you’ll need a competent attorney to guide you through the proper procedures when raising capital but the key is the positioning and marketing. If you don’t have the right position in the mind of the investor, you’ll never raise the funds you need. Don’t be concerned about whether investors are interested in the tough times.
Now more than ever is the time to be raising capital.
Private money is now available on every street corner, and our marketing is bringing in tens of millions of dollars for us right now. It has never been easier to raise private money. We took what we learned from Matt’s course, and now have over $30MM under management. By the end of September, we should hit $35MM.” (Edited: They continued and raised over $50MM)

Hard Money LenderJason F, California

“We appreciated his straightforward, no holds barred approach. Just one week after attending his class we’ve raised over one million dollars and have 220 units under contract for a purchase price of $6.5 million!“

G. Harris

“It’s always great to learn from a professional who is actually doing what he teaches. It’s refreshing to learn from the best! Even as a seasoned investor, I learned new ideas and concepts to enhance my business. As a national speaker, this is the only workshop that I have ever paid for and it’s worth every penny.”

National SpeakerJayme Kahla, Irving, TX

“I have been raising money for the past 18 months and this event taught me an abundance of new strategies I could be using. I cannot wait to use these ideas to combine my investors and triple my hard money lending business. This event is absolutely unrivaled.”

Hard Money LenderKevin A.