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Articles on raising capital

The New Rules for Raising Capital

The Current Rule for Capital Raisers When I field calls from potential clients (PCs) about raising capital for their ventures, the conversation without fail always

When You Need a PPM

You’ve got a great investment idea but you can’t fund it yourself and you don’t want to take out a loan. You want to get

Time To Expand Or Contract

Have you lost hope? Uncertainty is undermining the long-running bull market on Wall Street. Some will contract while others will expand. What will you do?

Accredited Investors Are Time-Poor

Moreso than not, most new clients are making this mistake. Overwhelming potential investors. Are you? Accredited investors are intentionally time-poor. They will not waste their

Tips On Working With Accredited Investors

Tips on working with Accredited Investors (Investor Relations). The response has been great on these short emails. View this post on Instagram Tips on working

private lenders

Raising Capital With Private Lending

SECURITIES CONSIDERATIONS WITH PRIVATE LENDING Linkedin Instagram Facebook Private lending has been promoted since the 1990s as a way to raise capital. It’s the process

Trends In Raising Capital: 2020

The JOBS Act was a game-changer for both capital raisers and investors.  Passed in 2012 and launched in 2016, the JOBS Act was passed to