You Just Need More Accredited Investor Leads

3,955 days…

That’s how many days it’s been since Tiger Woods last won a Major. 2005. That’s the last time Tiger wore the green jacket. Many did not expect this day to return for Tiger Woods.

Once written off due to his exposed personal life and back problems, Tiger has somehow regained his standing in golf. Climbing back to the top of the golf world hasn’t been easy.

Besides having to put his personal life back together in the public eye, he has also had to adjust his game and swing to match his 43-year-old body. Through it all, one thing has never changed about Tiger and that’s his competitive and mental toughness, which he leaned on to win the 2019 Masters Championship. But interesting enough, Tiger added one more arrow to his quiver of skills – teachability.

During his post-tournament interview, he said even though he was close the last couple of years to a major win, he could not close it out. But he mentioned a few times that he took the lessons from those opportunities and changed a few things.

Think about what Tiger just said. He’s one of the greatest of all time and most well-known athletes around the world.

In his 20’s and early 30’s, he absolutely dominated the game with a combination of power, skill, and smarts. But, at 43, no longer with the power he had at 25, he had new lessons to learn and was open to learning them and most importantly, learn from his failures and adjust to the landscape.

Do you find that interesting?

I do because, in life, you and I are not always going to be in the same health, state of mind, and level of success or failure from one day to the next. We are not always going to win 14 Majors before the age of 33. Things change and are in constant flux.

I took a call from a referral recently and they were explaining to me their marketing and sales process. The problem – they were not closing any investors. I can tell you this – their terms were solid, the investment they were investing in was solid, and they have a good team and track record. The challenge was their approach to marketing and sales was great….for a $97 product but not affluent investors.

I asked to look back and determine what lessons they could learn from their inability to close investors. They said, “None. The problem is not with our approach. We just need more leads”.

SMH…. how do these people get referred to me.

I tap out fast with this type of potential client.

I have no interest in advising a company that is myopic to their own problems and those unwilling to change their processes or systems.

Unlike Tiger Woods, they have no interest in learning any lessons from their failed attempts.

On the other hand, I hold one-on-one bi-weekly calls with our clients in our PCG. During those calls, I look at their sales pipeline and we discuss the leads which were lost. Where did we lose them in the sales process? What were the communications? How qualified was the lead? What is their K&E factor?

The clients who are interested in maximizing their opportunities use call tracking services to record their calls. We often will have a few calls transcribed and go over them.

The great thing comes next, they ask, “Why do you think we lost this accredited investor lead and what can we change?”

Our clients that are raising millions of dollars each month are the ones constantly looking to improve and learn from their mistakes.

The referrals we refuse to work with are those who love their broken system and defend it as if it was their last slice of bread. 

Take note of Tiger’s road on his return to greatness.

Learn from what’s not working…and change it.  

Matt Scott
Matt Scott
Matt Scott is a seasoned expert in the private capital markets, specializing in raising funds from accredited investors. With over two decades of experience in starting, capitalizing, operating, and exiting private companies, he guides entrepreneurs through the intricate landscape of private capital raising. Leveraging proprietary processes and systems, Matt and his team have successfully facilitated over $1 billion in capital raises for their clients. At 7x, Matt and his team provide comprehensive execution and back-office support, tailoring strategic systems to meet the unique needs of each entrepreneur on their journey to secure private capital. Their client base spans the United States, Canada, Dubai, Israel, Finland, and Central America, underscoring their global reach and expertise.